Here’s Why You Should Outsource HR (even if you think you don’t need to)

Small business owners have a lot to do. And if they have employees? A LOT to do, especially in regards to their HR obligations. And while it’s quite a juggling act, employers are still apt to try and take on HR functions themselves. Some investigation reveals that the reason behind this tendency is a lack of knowing what resources are available to them, and also a concern about the cost of outsourcing these duties.

Obviously, as a company that partners with small business to ensure their productivity and compliance, we’re biased in favor of outsourcing. But for very good reasons beyond the obvious. Let us explain.

Why outsourcing HR is a very good business decision

  1. Time is money, and mental health. And the ability to grow! As the lead innovator of your brand, if your time is sucked up by paperwork, how will you be able to develop your business effectively enough to influence the industry? It will be a struggle, at the very least.
  2. Peace of mind that your business is in compliance. I don’t think we really need to sell you on this one. Not only does your HR partner make sure current practices follow legal guidelines, they also keep up on what’s coming. Meaning your business is not exposed to problems. Yes, please!
  3. Protects both employee AND employer best interests. The company’s culture is a barometer to how efficient and relevant the required policies are to its’ ability to get work done. And HR plays a significant role in making sure that yes, compliance is happening, but also that everything required of your staff just makes sense, and isn’t overburdening them.
  4. Acts as a conduit/mediator for any issues that may arise. Another big one. Even a thriving business will have a hiccup or two and utilizing for HR to ensure that issues are smoothly handled can make a very positive difference in the outcome.
  5. Improves employee retention via thorough onboarding process and relationship-management throughout employment. A strong business takes care in making sure an employee joins the team efficiently, and then maintains that effort to ensure their success.
  6. Can SAVE an employer money! How? Because if the business practices are in compliance and cater to the best interests of the entire workplace, there will be a significant drop in expensive penalties.
  7. Lastly, an outsourced HR can ensure that policies and materials reflect the company’s brand and ethos. It’s truly the foundation in which your business can grow upon.

Hopefully you’re feeling more informed about how outsourcing your business’ HR functions can free up peace of mind, time, and money. All of which you can invest back into your business, creating a cycle that successfully builds your brand and maintain a healthy company culture.

Want to make sure your company’s policies and practices are in compliance while supporting a thriving workplace? Eos HR can help. We offer tailored plans that ensure small business owners have the resources they need to lead a productive and happy team. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.