Taking The Reins: Women Entrepreneurs

This week we’re taking a look at how women entrepreneurs can change their experience of the professional world as they maneuver through the obstacle course of being a woman in business. First up, what challenges they face (and just to name a few) followed by the tactics that can help them navigate these trials.

The female entrepreneur and the world of business

  1. Social expectations. We really can’t talk about women in business without discussing the societal pressure they are under when building their business. Although with each passing year we see more and more women entrepreneurs and the impact they make in the industries across the board, they are still grossly underrepresented in business.
  2. Lack of financing. A major example of women lacking support in business is the far inferior amount of funding they receive compared to that of men.
  3. Balancing business and family. If the pandemic highlighted nothing else, it demonstrated the inequality within the household of working parents. Women quit or limited their work hours far more than men during the pandemic in order to perform the task of homeschooling. It proved a significant setback in their career development.
  4. Respect/attention. All the previous examples point to this one. If women in business do not receive the same amount of financial and societal support as their male counterparts, it’s clear they are not getting the respect they deserve.

Dismantling hurdles while taking the reins

If you’re a female entrepreneur, these tips will likely prove beneficial to you for navigating the inequities you’ll face while running your business.

  1. Connect with others! Regularly networking with women in business is a great way to find the support and inspiration (not to mention energy!) that comes from being around like-minded entrepreneurship. It can contribute to being both knowledgeable of how to confront obstacles AND maintaining the determination to do so.
  2. Delegate tasks/ask for help. A very common occurrence is the failure of women to hand over tasks or request assistance, to the detriment of their time and energy. Be liberal about spreading the workload and making requests for help, it’s not a sign of not being able to handle the workload but rather in handling it smartly.
  3. Own your worth! The most important of all: you deserve to receive the pay and the accolades for the work you do. Negotiate with your worth in mind and don’t sell yourself short. And at the next networking event, make sure to promote something you’ve accomplished and avoid apologetic language!

At Eos HR we specialize in supporting the small business owner, including many female leaders who are making positive impacts in their industries and as an employer to their teams. We’re going to continue highlighting the incredible role female entrepreneurs play in the business world this month, so stay tuned!

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