Women In Business: Collaboration and growth

In our previous blog, we shared a list of the best resources for female entrepreneurs. This time around we want to extend on that topic by discussing how it has proven beneficial for female small business owners to network with and support other female business owners. Women supporting women has been a growing ‘trend’ in the last decade or so and for really good reason, it’s helped women gain a stronger presence in the business world. So we expect this trend to stick around.

The following are some examples of popular strategies used by female entrepreneurs to grow their presence in business.

Building business while building ties

  1. While this list is not in order of importance, this one is the big one so we put it at the top. In the last five or so years there has been a strong push in collaborating with other female business owners instead of competing with them. Wow, has this made a significant impact in the rates of success. So much so that the rest of our examples will point back to this very important tactic: collaborate in order to grow.
  2. When people focus on the good of the community, everyone wins. And when everyone wins there is a stronger foundation for further growth. Female entrepreneurs know this and through collaboration they often look at how their business can help to improve their community.
  3. When women business owners make an effort to connect with others in their industry it develops their sense of belonging in the business world. And with that comes the confidence to further develop their own company!
  4. Another invaluable example of women supporting women is the trend in marketing one another’s business. It’s basically walking the talk in the expression that community is important to your business.
  5. All the previous strategies and outcomes coalesce to make for a trend in higher rates of innovation amongst female-business owners. After all, when any business owner experiences support they’ll likely also find the ability to create positive change.

As we see, collaboration and community support play a pretty key role in the success of a business. And at Eos HR, we know this by personal experience. Our team specializes in supporting the small business owner, and this includes many female leaders. And if you’re looking for support in building an impactful business in your industry, Eos HR can help! We offer tailored plans to make sure your small business has the support it needs to be an influential and thriving company. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.