Workforce Planning: Human resources as a tool for business growth

New year, new you? Sounds a bit overwhelming to us, but while positive change needs no specific start date, we do recognize that flipping the calendar to January (and hence to the beginning of a new fiscal year) is a key opportunity to make adjustments to how one does business. So in the spirit of setting opportunistic goals and exciting new ventures, we’re outlining how to get off to a successful and very fresh start!

Analyzing current HR practices/Identifying areas of growth (eg workforce planning)

  1. First, set production AND company culture goals for the year. Good business is not all about the bottom line, in fact it’s about the people who help achieve it. So keep that in mind when thinking about profitability and make sure the numbers align with a company culture that promotes (and follows-through with) employee wellness. Also, keep in mind that these goals are likely to be adjusted as you move through the planning process and execution.
  2. Look at current employee staffing levels and identify areas of growth. This means making sure that you have the right amount of people with the needed skill-sets to reach objectives without overtaxing resources (in this case, your employees).
  3. Do the same for company policies and procedures. Are there any gaps and/or awkward processes that get in the way of the work? We’re guessing there are some that need a little dusting, and maybe some new practices that are necessary to support targets or meet legal requirements.   
  4. Develop a recruiting plan to address areas of growth INCLUDING in-house promotion opportunities. Don’t forget that one of the most important resources for recruiting are the people you already employ. Consider who has the skills to move into a new role, or who the best candidate might be to train for those skills.
  5. Invest in the right tech tools (and training!). VERY often employees report that the equipment they use to do their jobs is outdated and/or not the right fit. This is a huge time waster, ending in a huge waste of money too. It’s time to make the upgrade. Additionally, another resource for growth and employee retention is training. Don’t let your employees’ skills suffer and by keeping them sharp, you’ll likely keep the employees that are looking to succeed in their careers.

As you’ve probably gleaned so far, going through the workforce planning process is developing a roadmap for how to reach year-end objectives, all the while taking the steps necessary in ensuring that your employees have what they need in order to both successfully contribute to company goals and flourish in their own. If you’re looking for an HR department that can meet the demands of the modern workplace, EOS is your answer! We’re a team of HR professionals helping small businesses succeed in this exciting, yet challenging economic landscape.  Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.