Your Remote Staff Need a Work-Life Balance, Too.


There’s a problematic tendency happening in the remote worker department, and that’s at-home employees working too many hours. The trend of encouraging staff to practice a work-life balance has yet to spill over to remote workers, and there’s some discouraging psychology behind it. This week, we’re breaking down why it’s important for the home office types to stop checking their email on the weekend.

While remote work is gaining in popularity, so too is working while you’re unwell! Just as coming to the office with a bad cold doesn’t do productivity or the health of the office any good, nor does working with that nasty head cold at home. Employees should feel safe knowing that their good health is important to the company, and therefore use their sick pay efficiently, by resting! Always remember, any work performed by an unwell employee is likely to suffer, and working while sick could extend the length of the illness. Urge employees to take the time to get well, and everyone wins.

There’s a stigma attached to remote workers, and that is that they are not putting in the hours. Therefore the pressure to prove that work is getting done is likely a significant cause to the problem of them putting in too many hours. Make sure remote workers have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the amount of hours they are expected to put into them. Don’t leave these things up for interpretation!

Make sure your own behavior doesn’t encourage overworking! This is true for both office and remote staff. Lead by example. Do your job diligently and then leave it behind after hours to engage in the fun and healthy activities you enjoy to do. In the end, you’ll be left with a much more content staff. And that means they’ll likely be MORE productive during work hours!

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