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Magnificent Manager

According to your quiz results, you’ve got the management thing all figured out. You know what to do and say to motivate your employees, so you get the best they have to offer. Congrats! That’s no small feat, my friend! You’ve set the standard of excellent communication, so miscommunication is a rarity. Plus, you’ve mastered setting goals and objective targets for each team member. They are aware of how they excel and where they can improve to continue advancing in their career.

The trouble is you hate conflict. You find it challenging to manage differences between employees. Instead, you may find yourself sticking your head in the sand until it blows over…or gets out of control, so you are forced to do something about it. You want to overcome these pitfalls that are getting in the way of making you a true leader, but—you have no idea where to start.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! It’s common for Magnificent Managers to stay in their comfort zone of supervising their team, even when they want to step up and lead because they don’t have someone to guide them through leadership development challenges.

There is guidance available!



Hi, I’m Sara Skowronski, founder, and president of Eos HR, a Human Resource Consulting and Outsourcing Firm dedicated to serving small to mid-sized businesses to grow their revenue by taking the minutia of human resource management off their plate.

Our team of HR professionals has helped hundreds of businesses in our collective 50+ years of working in Human Resources. Helping supervisors traverse the gap between managing employees to leading a team that supports the growth of their business is our passion.

It’s a big step to becoming the leader of your company. No one ever teaches how to “do leadership.” But that doesn’t mean developing those skills has to come through trial and error!

You can overcome the employee management mistakes costing your business time, productivity, and dollars. Luckily, you don’t have to go this alone!

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