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You’re an... Empire-Building Entrepreneur

According to your quiz results, you’ve got the makings of a ninja entrepreneur. You have grown your business to the point where you need an employee (or three). Congrats! That is no small feat, my friend! Plus, you have great instincts for working with employees to make them feel part of the team. Those abilities will serve you well as you grow. Happy employees are loyal and productive, which means easier management and more zeros on your bottom line.

The trouble is, you’re overworked. Your business has turned into a J-O-B. You’ve unintentionally become the bottleneck in your business. You know you need to get out of the way so you aren’t restricting your business’s growth and profitability.You need to hire someone to carry part of the load before you burn out. But—you have no idea where to start.

Many small business owners stay stuck and small for years because they don’t have someone to guide them through the complicated hiring process.

It doesn’t have to be this way!


Hi, I’m Sara Skowronski, founder, and president of Eos HR, a Human Resource Consulting and Outsourcing Firm dedicated to serving small to mid-sized businesses to grow their revenue by taking the minutiae of human resource management off their plate.

Our team of HR professionals has helped hundreds of businesses in our collective 50+ years of working in Human Resources. Helping entrepreneurs traverse the gap between wearing all the hats to building a team to support the growth of their business is our passion.

Your business thrives by allowing us to take care of your most valuable assets, your people, so you can focus on generating revenue for your growing business.

There’s a lot to consider before hiring your first employee, and most small business owners get this wrong. Being compliant with state and federal hiring statutes is serious business. One missed step may cause you legal issues for years. Luckily, you don’t have to go this alone!

You can bring on employees to improve the productivity and revenue of your business.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

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