Trend Watch for 2024: What’s worth the effort

November is well underway, and with that in mind hopefully your game plan for 2024 is nearing completion, maybe you even consider it done!, but we’re strongly suggesting you make sure that plan includes the following list of trends that are quickly becoming essential components in a healthy and productive workplace.

5 workplace trends that perform

  1. Looking within for role fulfillment. Hiring? Before placing that ad, make sure you’ve thoroughly reviewed internal staff for potential candidates. Even if it requires training, the rewards a company reaps through internal promotions are impressive. Company morale improves, retention rates increase (nearly double in some cases), and positions get filled more quickly. Not to mention that an internal hire is already functioning successfully within the company culture. It’s a smart practice.
  2. Always be training. Another way to boost productivity and employee retention? Identify training needs and make them happen regularly. ‘Upskilling’ one’s team means employees get a chance to increase their abilities while the company enjoys an edge on the competition by retaining capable talent.
  3. Involve the entire team in meeting goals. Cast a wide net in brainstorming and executing goals and you’ll discover a team that is motivated to make it happen.
  4. Continue with D&I programs. Already proven to be effective in so many ways (such as improving company culture and collaboration), diversity and inclusion programs are here to stay and GROW. Do not fall asleep on this one, keep it going and always look for areas of growth.
  5. Employee perks are big! Offer perks that employees actually care about. These include discounts to local resources, recognition of work well-done, and more PTO and/or remote work options. Free lunches are not keeping talent around any longer, employers need to look at work/life balance issues when offering benefits that matter. Start with a company-wide survey!

It may feel daunting at the end of the year to be planning for more changes, but these initiatives will make the workplace run smoother. And we could all use that. A little effort in the beginning will lead to a lot of positive outcomes in the end. If you need help implementing any of these trends Eos HR is available! We offer small businesses an experienced HR department that know how to support their teams. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.